Our Policies


It is crucial for the product that it must be high-quality, reliable, and delivered on time, in addition to being affordable in the national and international competitive markets and in meeting the individual demands of clients. Therefore, Goldsit set off and developed with its motto “A big friend always supporting you” and adopted the main quality policy that the demands of the clients must be met in good quality, reliably, and on time


Goldsit has been in the sector for 20 years and we still emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction. This approach was certified with the TSE – ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate.

According to our Customer Satisfaction Policy,
we observe the needs of use and try to offer solutions quickly. We develop customer-oriented solutions and we always empathize with our customers. We offer our products to our consumers in the guaranteed conditions.We perform our duty in the post-sale period.


As Goldsit Office Furniture, we determine the risks and hazards to the environment during our activities and take all the relevant measures right on time. Producing in an environmental and nature-friendly approach, we try to contribute to the future of the next generations.

Therefore, we instill our employees with an environmental consciousness via trainings and participation. By waste management, we use natural resources at a minimum. By producing in line with nature’s rules, we take our responsibility. We support continuous improvement in our environmental policy.