About Us

Leader in its sector!

GOLDSIT which entered into the sector with production of office seats in 1993, we reached our position as a leader in the market by expanding our production line to include all office furniture needs. Our firm which manufacture all office seats, office furniture and office seating groups that are necessary to be in an office, has been extending its product range by following developing modern production techniques, executing research and development studies according to customer needs with environmentally friendly production concept.
GOLDSIT office furniture manufacture all materials which it uses except raw materials within its own structure at its 37000 m2 manufacturing site, 22000 m2 of which is indoor space.
We reflect this advantage that leads to price fairness in our products to our customers by selling our products at reasonable prices.


Knowledge and professionalism is essential for a successful trademark in the first place. While we were building our professionalism tower, we knew that it should be able to stand the test of time. We are dedicated to continue being a market leader as well as producing products that we can continuously be proud of-. Starting with office seating groups, we are now able to meet all needs of an office with office seats, office furniture and office seating groups.


Our firm structure with its professional personnel and modern production line in which developing technologies are followed, takes its power inspiration from our young and vibrant staff. This is something we continuesly develop and we are proud to employ the best designers and quality driven artisans.


Almost all needed materials related to our production are made within in own factory. We have almost no need for sub-industrial spare parts. This advantage enables us to produce high quality products at a much lower rate than our competitors. With dealership network comprising almost in all provinces in our country, being a sought trademark primarily in Turkey, and the whole world is one of our biggest goals. We aim to produce locally in Turkey in order to maintain our environmentally and quality efficient standards.


  • Having designer identity
  • Being able to launch projects in different concepts
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction in manufacturing, marketing, sales and after sales processes
  • Establishing a bond with customers, developing friendships and partnerships
  • Honest, reliable
  • % 100 Customer satisfaction…

It also means;

  • An identity which is always entrepreneur, innovative and open to developments.


“Robocoating 4 tip Carousel system” “6 axis robotic paint spray path” These technical expressions mean durable and smooth painted surfaces which do not have risk of carcinogenic gas emission, and are impact resistant.


Foam division parts which we use in our products are shaped by being casted in their unique molds. With this technology, we are able to determine intensity and ductility of foam divisions that we manufacture


Plastic parts that are made of scrap materials are used in most of. These extremely fragile parts also threatens our health. We produce our own templates at our 3700 m2 manufacturing site, and manufacture our all plastic and polyurethane elements within our facilities by using original raw material.


We shape metal with CNC technologies in the metal processing division that takes place in our manufacturing site. Metal is a material used in almost all seat models and most of our furniture models, it contributes to the construction strength.